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How to Sprout Grains and Why…

Sprouted grains… What the heck is a sprouted grain? Why would you want to eat sprouted grains? How to you sprout grains? Then you might ask, “How do I eat sprouted grains and where will I find the time to do this?”

First lets talk about why you might want to eat sprouted grains. There is a wide range of health benefits of the different grains during sprouting.

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Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

As promised here is a little blurb on wheatgrass juice.

One of the healthiest foods is wheatgrass according to Ross Bridgeford, the Alkaline Diet Expert from down under.

One serving of wheatgrass is 1 ounce of juice.

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Homemade Fruit & Veggie Smoothies

I was hungry this afternoon but I had some errands. I wanted a quick and healthy meal I could take with me. Smoothies fill the bill. This smoothie recipe is so much healthier than shakes that come in a can or powder mix, because it is whole foods. There is nothing like eating whole wholesome food.

You can do a smoothie with all fruit or all veggies. I usually do a variety. Here is what I did today.


Dinner: Beans, Brown Rice, Greens

Well, I was alone for dinner tonight and totally unmotivated. It was raining to boot. I have been wanting beans, greens and short grain brown rice. So tonight was the night. Here is my recipe (which I made up as I worked in the kitchen).

Started with chopped sweet onions (1), carrots (1), mushrooms (3 large) and I sauteed them in a little EVO (extra virgin olive oil).

healthy eating Recipes

How to Cook Beets

Are you trying new foods? You go down the vegetable isle and half of them are unknown entities. You pick out beets and get them home. Then you look at them and say how do I cook these?

Fresh vegetables are the best. And if you can get them from the farm, oh…. so good! Beets are easy to cook. 

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Meat, Vegetarian? What Diet is Better?

Should I eat meat? Only vegetarian diet is healthy! The Paleo Diet!

Do you have questions about what diet/eating plan is better for you? Many people do. I have studied nutrition and experimented with a variety of eating plans. Here are my thoughts on this topic.

Addiction and Food

Coffee, Tea, Water…

Yesterday I talked a little about food addition, including coffee. Anytime we use a substance to numb ourselves we miss the present moment. We also harm our body. 🙁

I confessed my love/hate affair with coffee. You might wonder what I do. Well here is the scoop.

I continue to like my coffee: hot, iced, latte, cappuccino, espresso and con leche. But I knew I was revving my body with all that caffeine and my stomach was telling me “no-no” with heart burn in the evening.

Addiction and Food

Coffee/Food Addiction?

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How do they do that?

Do you read an article that says ‘XYZ Food Health Benefits” and then go buy it? Do you rely on medical expert advice that says coffee/tea/alcohol/chocolate is good for you only to give yourself permission to over indulge?

If you knew that a food was harmful, would you stop eating it? May be? May be not?    It is known that foods can help you get healthy and maintain your health. We also know that certain foods can make you sick. So why wouldn’t you pick foods that will help you stay well and eliminate food that will make you sick.

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Organic or Conventional?

The question remains, should you eat organic or conventional. “Oh, organic food is soooo expensive” we whine. But is it really? Lets look at some costs.

Medical costs of illness in this country are staggering.

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11 Reasons to Eat Your Fats

I want to do a little article on fats. Fats have a bad reputation. We have all but taken them out of the diet. As we have done that we have gotten fatter and fatter. Hmmm. Fat make the meal taste good and it fills you up. Fat is fuel.