Guest Post by Jen Malik

Christmas is the time of year when families can renew their connections to one another – but with the commercialism of the holiday, sometimes this gets lost. If you are trying to rekindle those feelings of love within your own family, here are some ways to do just that on Christmas day.

– Enjoy breakfast together. Breaking bread has always been a great way to share stories and foster the idea of family. Decide earlier in the month who will host the meal. If you live close to other family members then getting there is as simple as hopping in the car and traveling a few miles or minutes away. The actual meal will be a little later in the morning to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

– Read the Christmas story. Nothing brings a family closer together than remembering the reason why you are celebrating the holiday. Each person can take turns reading a portion of the story. You can even read different biblical versions of the story. For a new twist, have a few family members act out the Christmas story as one person narrates it.

– Hold a video family gathering. Most laptops come with webcams installed these days. If you have a desktop it is quick and easy to hook up one. With an instant messaging program like Skype or Windows Live you can see as well as talk to family members far away. Have those members who live close to one another gather at the home of one person. When everyone is together, start the video call. Everyone can go around the room and say what they are thankful for. You can share good times on Christmas morning even though you are far away.

– Attend a church service. It is wonderful when Christmas falls on a Sunday. Everyone can get bundled up and head off to a calming morning service. Even when it doesn’t, there are several churches that will hold a small service on Christmas Day no matter what day of the week it is. Agree with other family members to gather for this service to spend time in each other’s company.

Overall, take your time and enjoy the day. Instead of everyone ripping into presents and gobbling down dinner. Take time to savor each moment.