Guest Post by Jen Malik

Can you believe it’s almost here…the last celebration of the year? Coming up the milestone year of 2010 that used to just to be something we heard about in science fiction novels and movies.
We’re planning a fun evening in this evening (fondue…as usual!) – forget the crowds, over-priced events. If you’re doing the same, here are some ideas for you.

For the Whole Family:

– Slumber party. You don’t have to invite people over to sleep in the living room in your PJs. Have a family slumber party. Clear space in your biggest room. Everyone can bring their sleeping bag and pillow to spend an evening in the living room. Make snacks, watch your favorite movies and watch the ball drop, somewhere, together!

– Game night. Bring out your board games, electronic games and party games for a rip roaring good time until everyone falls asleep. If you have a karaoke machine, play some musical games while you laugh at each others musical talent (or the lack thereof). Or if your family has moved into the 21st century, RockBand will do the trick. 😉

– Light up the sky. Shoot off a few fireworks to celebrate the New Year. Of course…be safe and obey all your local laws.

– Make some crafts. It will be a night of celebration, so you can take the day to make some crafts to use later on that evening. Create noise makers. You can use plastic eggs and rice or beans. Fill the eggs and then seal them with glue. Once it dries, paint the outside with festive colors. Another idea is party hats. It’s never a party without hats. Use construction paper, streamers, markers and glue to fashion a special hat to ring in the New Year.

– Prepare a special meal. Since the family is altogether, make dinner together. Each person can contribute their favorite dish to the meal. We love fondue at our house…it’s an all night feast.

Other Ideas

– Host a theme party. Invite guests to your home for New Year’s Eve but ask them to dress the part. How about a favorite movie character theme? What’s your favorite decade? What about sports?

– Teen New Year’s Eve party. If you are not in the mood to throw a party, your teenager might be. Instead of waiting up for them to come home, host the party in your home. Brainstorm with your child as to what the menu will be and how to decorate. They can give you some pointers there. If the parents want to stay, create a room with food and games for you guys.

– Movie night. This is a great idea for a group of friends or dating couples. Each person can bring a movie that they want to see. It can be of any genre or you can request holiday movies. Each person can also bring a snack for the evening. Just remember to turn to the ball dropping at midnight.
Whatever you do…have fun. You don’t need to buy a fancy dress, spend a ton on tickets and a cab ride home. Stay home, stay warm and have a ball.