Vibrant Food Vibrant Health

By Mary Pat FitzGibbons

Month: December 2009

Weight Loss and Meditation

 Can meditation or quiet reflection aid in weight loss? Absolutely.  You may never have considered meditation. Life is fast. We are moving and thinking fast on the job. We move fast to get the house cleaned, dinner on the table,...

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Weight Loss and Metabolism

 Being able to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight may not be directly related to your metabolism.  Metabolism involves all the biochemical processes that help us sustain life. The enzymes and hormones that make up the...

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Weight Loss & Drinking Water

Are you dieting? Trying to lose weight or maintain a normal weight? Are you drinking enough water? You might say that you drink 3 cups of coffee, 2 cans of soda pop, 2 beers or martinis, a glass of milk in a day and think you...

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Weight Loss, Self Acceptance

I received a few pings on this post.  I am glad that people are taking notice. If you want to be successful in changing anything about yourself, you need to first accept yourself, 100%. The truth is that you are perfect the way...

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