Do you work hard? Do you spend too many hours at the office and then try and cram all the family and home management relationships/tasks into not enough hours? Stress! Stress! Stress! When we do this to ourselves, we increase our risk of illness, heart dis-ease, diabetes, depression, fatigue and more. If you are a stress eater, you are eating more.

Well, here I am, and on vacation. It is a very good thing because my paying job (which I love) was taking more hours in a day/week than humanly possible to give. And I wasn’t blogging to boot.

Now I am getting myself back on track. I am in sunny Florida. I am enjoying family, sun, long walks, reading and rest.  Life can get busy and you can lose yourself. It is most important to stay connected to self, higher self and Source/God/Higher Power.

And I plan on blogging on my favorite subject, eating and health. If you have not grabbed your free report on weight loss success tips, do it now. Click here for your report.


Mary Pat

Offered by Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS who writes on healthy weight and other health issues for Baby Boomer Women.