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Eating Healthy in Japan Part 2

Homemade miso soup with mushrooms

I am in Japan for two plus weeks, teaching my energy healing program. It can be hard to eat well while traveling. It is not cheap to eat in Japan. Everything is more expensive here. So what, I am in Japan and I am going to enjoy myself.

I have chosen to make my own short grain brown rice porridge for my daily breakfast. That way I know that I start out my day in a healthy way.

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Eating Healthy in Japan Part 1

I am in Tokyo teaching my HealthWorks Energy Healing program. It is wonderful. But how do you eat well when you are away from home?

I am lucky that I have a condo with a galley kitchen set up.  There is a 2 burner gas stove, hot pot, microwave and small refrigerator/freezer. I have service for two. There is only one french chief knife, 2 pots and one top, one bowl. There is a rice cooker but directions are in Japanese. Hmmm.