Vibrant Food Vibrant Health

By Mary Pat FitzGibbons

Month: April 2013

Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

As promised here is a little blurb on wheatgrass juice. One of the healthiest foods is wheatgrass according to Ross Bridgeford, the Alkaline Diet Expert from down under. One serving of wheatgrass is 1 ounce of juice. The...

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Dinner: Beans, Brown Rice, Greens

Well, I was alone for dinner tonight and totally unmotivated. It was raining to boot. I have been wanting beans, greens and short grain brown rice. So tonight was the night. Here is my recipe (which I made up as I worked in the...

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How to Cook Beets

Are you trying new foods? You go down the vegetable isle and half of them are unknown entities. You pick out beets and get them home. Then you look at them and say how do I cook these? Fresh vegetables are the best. And if you...

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Coffee, Tea, Water…

Yesterday I talked a little about food addition, including coffee. Anytime we use a substance to numb ourselves we miss the present moment. We also harm our body. 🙁 I confessed my love/hate affair with coffee. You might wonder...

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Coffee/Food Addiction?

Do you read an article that says ‘XYZ Food Health Benefits” and then go buy it? Do you rely on medical expert advice that says coffee/tea/alcohol/chocolate is good for you only to give yourself permission to over...

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