coffee w/ heart

How do they do that?

Do you read an article that says ‘XYZ Food Health Benefits” and then go buy it? Do you rely on medical expert advice that says coffee/tea/alcohol/chocolate is good for you only to give yourself permission to over indulge?

If you knew that a food was harmful, would you stop eating it? May be? May be not?    It is known that foods can help you get healthy and maintain your health. We also know that certain foods can make you sick. So why wouldn’t you pick foods that will help you stay well and eliminate food that will make you sick.

Do you drink coffee? Do you have to have your morning and afternoon latte? Do you have a donut(s) or super sized muffins with that coffee. Do you like sweets? Do you keep candy stashed in your desk for between meals pick me up’s. Do you drink too much alcohol? Do you smoke? Addiction comes in many forms. Addiction can be too much food and drink. Bulimia and anorexia are also addictions. Addictions will keep you unhealthy on all levels.

Is drinking too much coffee the same as too much alcohol? For the alcoholic, the “drink” is god. This person does everything for the next drink.

You can do the same thing with coffee, sugar, and whatever else you choose. Do you need coffee to wake up in the morning? Do you convince your self that you “deserve” that second afternoon coffee? If you use food to help alter you mood, to get through the day, you have some form of addiction be it physical, mental, or emotional. If it controls you, it is a problem

I am using coffee as an example. Other examples could be donuts, pies, candy, fried foods, sugars and more. It could be simply eating too much. Do you have something in your diet that you can’t,  give up?

Personally, I have this love/hate relationship with coffee. I started drinking coffee when I started to work night shift. I needed something to help me stay awake. I don’t particularly like the taste of coffee, so I use sugar/honey and cream. Sometimes the first cup tastes wonderful. After that, coffee does not taste good. Yet I would drink several cups a day.

Too much coffee and stress make a nice adrenal overload cocktail.  I have had to cut way back. It was hard to do but worth it.

You can find studies in the literature that tell you all about the antioxidant benefits of coffee. There is evidence of the good benefits of coffee. I my case, coffee was not my friend. Do you have some food or drink in your life that controls you?

Think about it. Do yourself a favor and be willing to change your life and your diet. How do you do that? One choice at a time.

Suggestions: stop the food or behavior. Eat a healthy diet to provide steady energy. Eat regularly like every 3-4 hours to keep your energy. You will be less likely to indulge in your addiction. Journal about the emotions that come up. Get support with counseling or a 12 step program.

Remember we attain and maintain health one choice at a time. 🙂