Are you trying new foods? You go down the vegetable isle and half of them are unknown entities. You pick out beets and get them home. Then you look at them and say how do I cook these?

Fresh vegetables are the best. And if you can get them from the farm, oh…. so good! Beets are easy to cook. 

First you cut off the tops and wash them. You want to eat the greens and we will steam them. Put them in a pot with a little water and cover. Cook until wilted. Serve with butter. I like pepper and vinegar.

Next scrub the beets with a brush.  You will notice that I left some of the top and tail. If you cut them all off, all the beet juice runs into the pot. So leave a little on both ends. Put them in a pot and cover with water. Cook them with the skins on.  

You will need to have a soft boil for 20-40 minutes.

The beets will be done when they are fork tender.

Cool the beets until you can touch them.

Cut the top and bottom off. Now you can just about squeeze them out of their skin. Use a pairing knife to remove any skin that stays on the beet.

Slice the beets. You can put on a little butter, salt and pepper. I like mine plain.

Here is to healthy eating. Enjoy!