Well, I was alone for dinner tonight and totally unmotivated. It was raining to boot. I have been wanting beans, greens and short grain brown rice. So tonight was the night. Here is my recipe (which I made up as I worked in the kitchen).

Started with chopped sweet onions (1), carrots (1), mushrooms (3 large) and I sauteed them in a little EVO (extra virgin olive oil).

I added 1 can rinsed Cannellini beans. They are like white kidney beans. I waited until the last minute and had not soaked dried beans. That would be better for you.

To that I added the rinsed Kale (2 cups) and crushed garlic (4 cloves). I spiced this dish up with Himalayan Sea Salt, pepper, fresh parsley, sage and thyme. That would be a pinch of each.

I let it all simmer for a bit… about 7 minutes or until the kale was wilted.

Mean while, I warmed up my pre-cooked sprouted grains of short grain brown rice and spelt berries. I just put a plate with a serving in the oven to warm.

I layered the rice, then the beans, greens, and veggie mixture on top. That was for the picture then I just mixed them all up. Added a sliced Florida organ (that I brought back from my vacation).

Brown rice, beans and greens is the basic macrobiotic plate. It came out very well and tasted quite Yummy!