I really enjoy my coffee. There are arguments on coffee: yay or nay. We are not going there right now. I enjoy my coffee. I started out as a consummate tea drinker. But working night shift in ICU converted me. And I so enjoy my coffee. I leave tea for the afternoon beverage.

I start the day with bullet proof coffee. I only do that once. That said, I usually like one or two more cups of coffee. I would just do half-half and xylitol sweetener.

When the Holiday season rolls around, a coffee creamer appears that I really enjoy. It is Coffee mate Sugar free Peppermint Mocha. I get to enjoy that for about three months. Inevitably, it disappears around Christmas.

So, how do I replace this favorite?

I tried a bunch of options and I came up with this yummy concoction.

The cream. Heavy cream is a favorite on the keto plan. Options here are half-half, or a non-dairy creamer like almond milk. I actually had the opportunity to try an oat milk creamer that was pretty tasty.

Mocha flavoring. Well, I discovered Jordan’s Skinny Flavorings (sold at Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon). They have a mocha flavor that works well here. I add a teaspoon or so depending on your taste.

The secret sauce! Young Living Oil: peppermint! One drop, ONLY! This is powerful.

Who likes peppermint tea? It has wonderful health benefits. One drop of therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea. It is powerful. Why not add to coffee? Use only one drop. To ingest essential oils, it must be therapeutic grade. Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade oils.

There you have it. My recipe for peppermint mocha coffee. Better ingredients all year!