Addiction and Food

Coffee, Tea, Water…

Yesterday I talked a little about food addition, including coffee. Anytime we use a substance to numb ourselves we miss the present moment. We also harm our body. 🙁

I confessed my love/hate affair with coffee. You might wonder what I do. Well here is the scoop.

I continue to like my coffee: hot, iced, latte, cappuccino, espresso and con leche. But I knew I was revving my body with all that caffeine and my stomach was telling me “no-no” with heart burn in the evening.

Addiction and Food

Coffee/Food Addiction?

coffee w/ heart
How do they do that?

Do you read an article that says ‘XYZ Food Health Benefits” and then go buy it? Do you rely on medical expert advice that says coffee/tea/alcohol/chocolate is good for you only to give yourself permission to over indulge?

If you knew that a food was harmful, would you stop eating it? May be? May be not?    It is known that foods can help you get healthy and maintain your health. We also know that certain foods can make you sick. So why wouldn’t you pick foods that will help you stay well and eliminate food that will make you sick.

Addiction and Food choices Stress weight loss

Weight and Emotions

There are many reasons people are overweight.  It is too simple to say “overweight people just eat too much.”  This is probably true. However, success is not as simple as cutting back on calories or exercising more. If being overweight is do to emotional or psychological reasons, then dieting won’t work until

Addiction and Food choices emotional eating healthy weight weight loss

Weight Loss and Resistance Journal

Here is my food journal. I have gone through a number of phases as I am sure that you have as well.

Addiction and Food emotional eating weight loss

Food Addictions 3

The last post I suggested that you keep a food log of what you eat. How is that going.

Addiction and Food choices

Food and Addictions Part 2

Yesterday I talked about foods that you “need” to have in your life. This “need” is not a healthy physical requirement but a physical/psychological addiction. If you choose to eat healthy, you may uncover such a “need” food.