Detox Oil Pulling

Detox: “Oil Pulling”

Well, I just had a most interesting thing happen on the way to the computer. I picked outĀ of my recipe file the Natural Laxative recipe to share. I have lost it between the kitchen and the computer?! I have walked around the house for the last 20 minutes looking for it. I think the Angels doth play. I got some exercise though. Have to take a rain check on that.

Lets continue with detox, as it is an important topic. We talked about colon cleansing yesterday. Today I want to talk about the other end of the alimentary canal…. the mouth. There are a lot of things we should and could detox there. (#$%@ that recipe!…. that would be our words and what we say. That, however, is another topic).

Many people do not pay enough attention to the mouth. Digestion begins in the mouth.