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Rice Balls

If you are eating an alternative diet, wWasabi Norihat do you snack on? What can you take on the run? Rice balls makes a great snack with all the goodness of the short grain brown rice while being portable.

Rice balls are a common snack enjoyed in Japan. There is no sugar, high in nutrition and easy to eat.

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Why Not Mix Grains!

Short grain brown rice (SGBR) is a great staple grain. But there are many grains to enjoy. Variety helps to please the pallet, as well as rounding out the nutrition, vitamins and minerals that may be missing in various grains.

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Why Eat Whole Grains?

I started the blog challenge with short grain brown rice. Then I thought you all might want to know why you should eat whole grains.

“Carbs” have received a lot of bad press over the last few years. They say “tay a way from carbs. Carbs are the cause of obesity”. I think that we are throwing out the baby with the bath water.