Addiction and Food

Coffee, Tea, Water…

Yesterday I talked a little about food addition, including coffee. Anytime we use a substance to numb ourselves we miss the present moment. We also harm our body. 🙁

I confessed my love/hate affair with coffee. You might wonder what I do. Well here is the scoop.

I continue to like my coffee: hot, iced, latte, cappuccino, espresso and con leche. But I knew I was revving my body with all that caffeine and my stomach was telling me “no-no” with heart burn in the evening.

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Foods and Addiction?

If you knew that a certain food could help you stay healthy, would you eat it? If you knew that a food was harmful, would you stop eating it?


Stress: Delete Stress Be Healthy

Stress equals dis-ease. Would it even be possible to “delete” stress or even reduce it to a reasonable roar?