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By Mary Pat FitzGibbons

Tag: healthy weight

Left-Over Short Grain Brown Rice

What do you do with the left over short grain brown rice? The purpose is to have brown rice for your meals. You want to cook enough for several days. Tonight I took a portion of the short grain brown rice and spelt berry mix and...

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Stress Effects Healthy Weight

My last blog post was about stress. Stress has so many effects on the body and physical health. This is intertwined with your mental and emotional well being. Stress effects every part of us and it will effect your weight. One...

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Detox: Fasting for Healthy Weight

Why would fasting help detoxify the body? Good question. When one stops putting toxins in the body the body will begin to release them. The body is really very smart. It will do everything in its power to heal given a chance....

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