We have talked about physical and mental wellness. Emotional wellness is closely tide to both physical and mental well-being.

According to Wikipedia, emotional intelligence is the ability for a person to identify, assess, and manage their emotions.

Can you identify, assess and manage the myriad of emotions that ebb and flow during the day? Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you quick to anger? Are you affected by other people’s emotional out bursts? Can you change your emotional state? Your health depends on your ability to do these things.

Did you know that the chemistry of your body is different if you are in despair, or anger or joy? Which one of these states leads to physical health? Joy! The others lead to dis-ease and disease.

In “Power vs Force” by David Hawkins, MD, he lists 18 emtions from Shame (lowest to Peace (highest). Shame has the lowest vibrational energy at 2o while Peace has the highest vibration at 600. (Enlightenment is the highest between 700-1000, if we could be so lucky).

According to Hawkins, you need to be at a vibration of 200 to maintain life. Emotions below 200 include (but not limited too): anger, fear, despair, guilt, and shame. Do you live down here most of the time? Some of the emotions above 200 include: trust, optimism, forgiveness, love, and joy Do you live in this group most of the time? It will serve you well to move from the lower vibration group to the higher group.

It is impossible to move from dispair to joy in one movement. They are too far apart. However, if you can move from dispair to anger, that is good. Yes it is still low on the vibrational scale. But it is movement upward.

Ever read Esther and Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham? In their book they list 22 emotions from despair to joy. “The Astonishing Power Of Emotions” is a  very interesting read.  It is about using your emotions to get you where you want to be. It is about Deliberate Creation.

Emotion will feel good and uplifting or bad and pull you down. Here is where our thoughts come in the picture. Our thought process can make us feel worse and sabotage us or help us towards feeling better. They use the symbol of swimming up stream (feeling worse) and swimming down stream (feeling better). Either way you will create something.

There was a time in my life (a long time) where despair, was my constant companion. I would have moment of happiness, but I could never sustain them. I wanted “Joy” so very much.  I have done a lot of personal clearing and healing, yet “Joy” was elusive. One day, a thought occurred to me to start asking for “Joy”. Low and behold, within a short time, I started feeling “Joy”. My outer circumstances did not change. But something changed in me. Now I have Joy and Contentment more days than not.

Your emotional health is very much related to your physical health. You are in charge of your emotions. Choose wisely, one healthy choice at a time.


Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS

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