Health and wellness, big topic. So far we have looked at physical, emotional, and mental wellness. But the picture is not complete. How are you…. Spiritually?

Did you ever think of that spiritual aspect of yourself? You are in fact a Spiritual being who is having a human experience! Did you know that your Soul is a perfect emination of the Creator. The Soul’s “job” if you will, is to beam “JOY” in to this reality. Period.  And did you that your body is an evolving being en-route to salvation, enlightenment, complete perfection. The body is the vehicle by which the soul experiences being human on earth school. The body and soul is a team. Are we behaving like a “team” yet folks?

So, how are you? How are you, inside? How is your heart? Are you happy? Or sad? Angry? Are you content with your life at this moment? Do you want it to be different? Do you think that your life would be better if he/she would change? Think again…. he/she is just a mirror of what is inside you. (Oh, goodie! And other opportunity to practice forgiveness!)

Spiritual health is about being fully you. That is not so easy to do. Each of us is required to do the “inner inquiry”TM. That is the deep exploration of the self. We all have wounding at various times through life. They are doorways to know and love ourself better. Any time something happens and you can look inside is an opportunity for healing and remembering who you really are….   

Along with the “Inner Inquiry”TM is forgiveness. We need to forgive our self as well as others. The payback is huge. The healing is awesome.

As you heal and remember, you enter a state of love and pure joy. In this state we are all one.

So when you are having trouble with something like a “diet”, use it as a opportunity to heal deeply. The body believes in Madison Avenue advertising about what a beautiful healthy body is…. for big business.

The body is addicted to sugar, pastries, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, drugs. How would you help someone you loved who was addicted to one of these substances? Can you use that to help yourself?

The body is sick on toxins, poisons, etc. How would you treat someone who was sick? How would you help them?

Would you do research for them? Would you take away the substance that was harmful? Would you take them to a doctor or professional? Would you love them? Would you cheer them on? Why would you do anything less for yourself.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are on earth school. You are in lesson.  So aren’t we all. Use whatever is in the now (depression, being overweight, being unemployed etc) to go deep inside and learn about you, your light.

Know Joy…  Be Joy….. Bask in Joy……  Radiate Joy….

(Hint… if you want Joy… ask for it, every day. You will be surprised as you start feeling a Sun of Joy in you heart)!


Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS