Health tips to avoid. Yep, there are conditions and treatments that alter conventional thinking on healthy tips.

 Have you had a blog clot and are you on a blood thinner such as coumadin or warfarin? Greens like spinach, kale, broccoli, lettuce are generally thought to be good diet foods. They are. However, when one is on blood thinners, they may not be on the plate.

Greens contain Vitamin K which helps our blood clot. That is appropriate when you get a cut. You want blood to clot at the site for healing. Certain conditions such as atrial fibrillation or deep vein thrombosis will be treated with a blood thinner. Green vegetables will counter act the medication. You will need to discuss this with your doctor. Some  doctors allow patients to eat greens as long as they are consistent. Others will tells patients to eliminate them from the diet. Consult your physician.

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Blessings, Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS writes on health and diet issues facing baby boomer women today.