One of the things that will snag us every time is hunger. We are busy working, running errands, family, volunteer activities etc. It is too easy to get something fatting, processed, high in salt and calories. Ice cream, cookies, pastries, and chips sure taste good. They are not the best choice for the diet conscious women. As we get older, we need less food. Our choices have to include, better and high nutrition foods.

Let’s be prepared for the “hungries.” When I get home from the store, I do a little prep. I buy celery. I cut them up into celery sticks for lunches and snacks. I buy small carrots, and they are ready to eat. I like radishes. They get cleaned and trimmed. Once in a while, I get cauliflower and cut it up in bite size pieces. When I go to make my lunch they are ready to grab and put in a baggie or container. This pre prep step makes cutting up vegetables for dinner much quicker.

Another thing you can do is to create snack size baggies of pretzels, nuts and snack mixes. They are handy and ready to go. For the environment, you can wash the snack baggies and reuse them.

Wash your fruit and put them in a bowl on the counter.

When you are hungry, you have a low calories option at hand.

Grab your free report here. It includes portion sizes from 1980 compared to today’s serving sizes. I have included how much exercise you will need to do to burn off the extra calories you are eating for today’s portion sizes.

Blessings, Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS writes on diet, health and other issues facing Baby Boomer Women.