The last post I suggested that you keep a food log of what you eat. How is that going.

Food is very primal.  When you have some one messing with your food, people tend to put up road blocks. The doctor may say you are over weight, you have to lose weight etc. What do you do or feel?

Notice the resistance. What does that feel like? Do you grit your teeth or dig in your heels, so to speak. My question might seem stupid. However it is very important. You need to feel, see and know where your resistance is in regards to changing your diet.

What is your resistance? Do you thing that you are going to “starve”. Is it about getting “enough”. Where in your life, didn’t you get “enough” and now use food to fill that spot of “not enough”. Journal about it.

 Is it about control: “somebody is telling you what to do” in this case how to eat. Where in your life did you feel out of control or controlled by someone else? Journal about it.

I have been thinking about stewardship. I usually hear “stewardship” in regards to tithing money to your church. But I have been thinking about stewardship in a much more personal way. In this case, stewardship towards my body.

You and I are supposed to take care of our bodies. Feeding ourselves food that is healthy in proportions to keep us in healthy weight is part of personal stewardship.

I invite you to get under your resistance to changing your diet plan. If you want help with your diet, get a FREE report here. I have some tips on how to structure a successful diet change, and a health form you can complete and take to your doctor.

How do you change yourself? One healthy choice at a time.

Blessings, Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS writes on weight and health issues for Baby Boomer Women