Homemade miso soup with mushrooms

I am in Japan for two plus weeks, teaching my energy healing program. It can be hard to eat well while traveling. It is not cheap to eat in Japan. Everything is more expensive here. So what, I am in Japan and I am going to enjoy myself.

I have chosen to make my own short grain brown rice porridge for my daily breakfast. That way I know that I start out my day in a healthy way.

Lunch is my main meal. That is great for a number of reasons. I have friends to eat with, which is always a pleasure. Also I am eating my big meal and most calories in mid day rather than at the end of the day when I am heading to bed. Lunch is a nice size meal and has less food than dinner. I don’t need a dinner size portion.

In Japan, the portion size is much smaller that in US. That may be why the Japanese typically do not have a weight problem and we do. Often, meal will come with a variety of very small portions. It is actually a very nice idea. It is very tasty and colorful and helps make the meal very satisfying.

Also lunch is cheaper than dinner. My lunches run between 800 and 1400 yen or $10-18 US at the current exchange of 78 yen to $1.00. Dinners can be double or triple in price.

Blessings, Mary Pat

Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS writes on health topics and nutrition helping people make “one healthy choice at a time.”