I have signed up for a 30 day blog challenge. I like these little challenges to get me going.

This blog is about living a healthy life. There are many facets and nuances to health, including fitness and weight goals. I like to cook. So there are a lot of information about cooking healthy food here too.

Being healthy is our right. Some people do “everything wrong” and seem to be untouched by disease. We all know somebody that is 100 years old and smokes like a chimney. Other people seem to do “everything right” and are very sick.

Are there rules for being healthy? Yes.

Do we know what they are? Some. But many rules seem to change when we get more information. So what is the truth? I will give you information that I believe will help you attain your health and weight goals. You always need to look within to see what your body needs at this time. I hope this blog is inspiring to you.

Follow me. I will explore the ways of success and self sabotage in our health and fitness. If you have questions ask. If you are having trouble in an area, bring it up. Lets see what the next 30 days bring to all of us.