Yesterday I talked about eating whole grains and gave you a basic recipe for brown rice. Now… what do you do with brown rice and in this case, short grain brown rice?

Take away the box and we are lost. Yes there is life after boxed and processed food. 🙂

Lets start with breakfast.Most mornings I eat a whole grain porridge. I use short grain brown rice as my basic grain. Here is a delicious way to cook and eat rice for breakfast.

Short Grain Brown Rice Porridge:
1/2- 1 cup cooked brown rice and a equal amount of water (less for drier and more for wetter porridge)
1/2 chopped apple
hand full of dried cranberries
Cinnamon (I use a lot… cover my rice) so use it to your taste
optional: nutmeg and cloves in smaller amount to taste

Cover and simmer until hot and apples mushy. That is usually about 5 minutes on very low heat. Remember it is already cooked.

While simmering chop up walnuts or pecans. Use a handful or a couple of hours.

When the porridge is the way you like it add nuts and eat.

I don’t use milk. Sometimes if I have some Greek yogurt, I will put a dollop of that on my porridge. If this is too tart, drizzle a little real
maple syrup on the mixture.

Enjoy. To your health…