What do you do with the left over short grain brown rice? The purpose is to have brown rice for your meals. You want to cook enough for several days. Tonight I took a portion of the short grain brown rice and spelt berry mix and made a pilaf. I sauteed sweet onions, mushrooms and garlic in a little EVO. I added a couple of spoons of the rice mixture. I did not salt the brown rice when I was cooking it, so I added some Himalayan sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

You need vegetables. Today I had beet greens and will have the beets later. I chopped them loosely and washed them. Next I steamed them in a little water. I seasoned with some Umeboshi Plum vinegar fresh ground pepper. No salt needed there as this vinegar is salty. I saved the left over cooking water. I freeze it and have stock for soups.

I wanted some protein for dinner. In a pan I added a small amount of coconut oil and butter and sauteed a crab cake.

A garden salad (mixed greens, onion, pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado and sprouts finished off the meal.

It was a tasty dinner.